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Mindset Coaching

For Kind, Thoughtful Achievers

If you feel any connections to the following, you will receive the most benefit from working with me:

<H1> Who I work with:

Kind, Thoughtful Achievers are my favorite people.

They are my people, because they are also like me.

The pieces that make us strong- our big heart- our quick mind, our push to achieve

Can also make us weak if we don’t lead them with courage.

Like two sides of the coin once it’s flipped, what makes us shine can also cast a shadow on our life. Here's some signs it's time to flip the coin, and lead your strength with more courage:

Signs you need to lead your kindness with courage:

  • You feel out of touch with yourself- other’s voices and needs have become louder than your own.
  • You care for others so much that sometimes it’s hard to stop worrying about them and choose yourself.
  • You often see how others around you shine and you work to lift them up, even though you may not do the same for yourself.

Leaf Watercolor Illustration
Leaf Watercolor Illustration

Signs you need to lead your intellect with courage:

  • Because you are so good at thinking and seeing different possibilities, you spend a lot of time over thinking and second-guessing yourself, instead of taking action.
  • You have a different way of thinking and seeing the world, and often feel pressure to fit into other people’s expectations.
  • You often feel you don’t fit the box, and part of you just really wants to do it your own way if you could! (Hint: You can!)
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Signs you need to lead your achiever with courage:

  • You hold yourself to a high standard, but lately, this feels like perfectionism and a very loud inner critic.
  • You often have ideas or solutions that would be more considerate, efficient, and brilliant- but you worry others will think you are too pushy.
  • If this feels true for you, it means you are ready to lead yourself!

<H1> How do I know this?

Because I have lived, and continue to live through all of these challenges, cycles, and growth moments. Maybe you have guessed I I am a Kind, Thoughtful, Achiever myself- You are right! Many of these lived stories are my own, and that of my clients.

Through my career transition from violinist to teacher to business owner, to mother and step mother, to city dweller, to happy hippy rural solopreneur, and through grief and change, I have learned all of these lessons.

As a lifelong learner, I was hungry to learn more about my life, and the lives of others I care so much for, and most importantly how I can support them to be empowered. Here are the researched backed trainings that fed me:

  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Non Violent Communication
  • Developmental Coaching
  • Self Belief Coach Academy, ICF Certified, SBC
  • Career Coach, CPCC
  • Transformational Coach
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Creative Collaboration & Constructivism
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<H1> Here's how I help:

Drawing on the influences of all the mentors, life experience, research, and training I've been shaped by, there are 4 phases that have led myself, and others, to a more grounded, peaceful, and courageous life and career.

This is my main coaching framework:

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KNOW yourself.

OWN yourself.

DREAM yourself.

LEAD yourself.

I use research and evidenced based coaching models and tools to support you to build from your strengths, ownership, vision, to help you move into leading yourself with kindness, intelligence, courage and peace.

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<H1> What my coaching looks like:

Partnership to understand how you think, learn, feel, believe, and how that impacts your daily life

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Building awareness of all the pieces that drive you, and how they do or do not support you.

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Deepen your appreciation and compassion for yourself, so that you can evolve and cope in this life.

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Move with Courage Coaching's Coach Tina holds a coffee cup and smiles while coaching remotely from a laptop

What is Included with 1-1 Life Coaching:

  • 60-minute sessions, weekly or bi-weekly, as agreed by coach and client, via Google Meet or Phone
  • Customized Coaching Cycle, based on research based methods, and shaped to your specific needs
  • Strength and Personality assessments, documents, and analysis sessions
  • Journal/reflective inquiry personalized prompts, created for you and sent through email as needed
  • Compassion, support, reflective inquiry, and empathetic listening through the MWC framework
  • Intention and goal setting, implementation, and action plans tailored to your needs, energy levels, and motivation
  • Resources and reading, sent through email as needed

Cost for you- $100 per session, paid online via Paypal the day before

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<H1> Current Offers:

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Monthly Coaching:

3 sessions a month: $300

4 sessions a month: $400

Introductory Self-Paced Course with Coaching Session, Includes:

  • Personality, Values, and Strengths Assessments
  • Reflective Journals
  • Integrative Coaching Session

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Selection of Courses and Journals To Support you On Your Solo Journey- Learn more on Gumroad

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Offers In the Works...

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3 Session New beginnings Package

Coming Soon

Seeing the Forest Through The Trees Session.. Coming Soon

How to start?

If you connect to what you've read so far, Consider moving to the next step and schedule a free Clarity Call.

This is a 45 min gifted Clarity session from me to you, no sales pitch.

Through our call we will discuss:

  • What is going on for you? Where do you need clarity?
  • Where do you want to grow?
  • How committed to your self growth work are you?

I will determine if we are a good fit and offer my coaching, or refer you to other coaches or resources

Ready to start?

Book a Complimentary Clarity call in the form below:

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Not seeing any times that work? Email me at tina@movewithcouragecoaching.com

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