How well do you know yourself?

When you have to be someone for everyone else, it’s hard to remember who you are.

Putting yourself last, makes everyone else’s voices seem louder than your own.

It becomes difficult to choose yourself.

And lately, something feels a bit off.

You feel the need to come back to who you were before all of your roles and responsibilities pulled you away.

You want to remember where you are strong, and you want to stand in this strength.

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Know Yourself the Short Course is the logical first step towards discovering the best parts of who you are. Using evidence-based strategies, research-driven assessments, reflective inquiry journaling, and an integrated developmental coaching session, you are well supported on your journey towards standing in your strengths and moving with courage towards the life that makes more sense to you.

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In my work with clients and in my own personal journey, I notice when there is a significant change outside of you, it usually creates a corresponding change inside of you, which sometimes isn’t noticed until years later. Whether the change is something you choose, something you don’t choose, or part of the natural 5-10 year growth change cycle humans have, it impacts you deeply.

Other times you feel so ready for a change, but you don’t realize it.

Something feels off, and the only thing that makes sense is going to a cabin in the woods with a journal, mug of coffee, and calm focus to look within.

What propels you forward is taking time to look at your life - where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. And then to look at your self- what is working, where you are strong, where you are headed, and what does it mean.

It has proven true many times over, whether it is career change, kids growing up, your role changing, divorce, loss of a loved one, shifting priorities, need for variety or growth - all of these pieces shift the ground under your feet, and require you to pause for a moment, take a breath, and Know Yourself again.

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Evergreen hand drawn pine tree in watercolor.

Knowing yourself in a deep way supports you to:

  • Make decisions more quickly, without second-guessing yourself.
  • Understand why you respond or react a certain way, both positively, and negatively.
  • Notice and appreciate all of the pieces that are part of you, and which pieces you’d like to put in charge.
  • Have a clear idea of what matters to you, so you can better advocate for your preferences and needs.
  • Feel rooted in your strength, so you can lean towards what strengthens you.
  • Design and try out new actions, that feel more YOU than before.
  • Map out your future, in a way that makes sense to you.


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“Before working with Tina, I had strong ideas as to whom I was, though there was so much overwhelm and indecision. There are many qualities which highlight the experiences of my life so I had to wonder just how could I anchor and gain an understanding of not only aspects of who I am but also boundaries.

Know Yourself The Short Course assisted with me refining clarity around who I am and places for me to focus on primarily so that I can walk with strength. I have clearer understanding of my boundaries as well as additional understanding and comfort around turning overwhelm and indecision into focused passion and creative expression. Thank you Tina!’

<H1> Know Yourself the Short Course is for people who:

  • forget what makes them great,
  • are ready to make a decision,
  • want to create something or accomplish a goal,
  • or who are ready to step in to their strength!

When you purchase Know Yourself the Short Course, I will guide you to identifying, evaluating, and embracing the best aspects of your personality, strategies, values, priorities, and strengths so you can stand strong in your true self.

When you purchase, you will:

  • Take three (3) Research driven assessments to help you discover your unique strengths, values, and personality traits.

  • Receive three (3) Reflective inquiry journals, to help you integrate your learning, deepen your understanding of yourself, and craft a direction for where you’d like to go.

  • Have a personalized 1-1 coaching integration session, where we discuss your learning, your new understanding, and create a plan for what you’d like to do with your new discoveries.

  • Discover your Enneagram personality style structure, the various connected personality strategies, and what it means for your responses in stress, peace, social situations, and forward direction.

  • Learn the latest Strengths research on the positive impact of developing strengths vs. focusing on weaknesses, so you can transform your mindset and lean into your unique strengths.

  • Understand the importance of Values, the connection to your self, personality, strengths, and create your most current Values list based on what you learn about yourself in the course.
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  • Personality
  • Values
  • Strengths
  • Integration Session
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<H1> Areas Covered:

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The process

How it works

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<H1> What’s Included:

a golden frame with leaves on a black background, text says Know Yourself the Short Course; a hybrid course to know your personality, values, and strengths

Lesson 1: About The Enneagram Personality Styles

Objective: Understand the basics of the Enneagram

Topics Covered:

  • Function of the Enneagram system
  • Enneagram Personality Styles Overview, Motivation
  • Dynamic movement pieces of the system, and what they mean to you
  • Other movements, and conscious movement pieces, and why you should include them


  • Take the Enneagram Test
  • 7 Page PDF Journal: Enneagram Assessment Reflection
  • Fill out the Google Form to update me on your progress

Lesson 2: About Values

Objective: Understand the Importance of Values

Topics Covered:

  • Different types of Values
  • Core Beliefs and how to identify them
  • Values and your community, family, work relationships
  • Values In Action Loop
  • Experimenting completing actions connected to values


  • Take the Values in Action Assessment
  • 5 Page PDF Journal: Value Assessment Reflection
  • Complete the Values Weekly Plan
  • Fill out the Google Form to update me on your progress

Lesson 3: About Strengths

Objective: Understand the Function and Nature of Personal Strengths

Topics Covered:

  • How Strengths Connect to Values and Enneagram Personality Styles to support the best of you
  • New Research on Development of Strengths vs. Focus on Weaknesses, data from the workplace
  • What leaning into your strengths feels like
  • Strengths and your direction
  • Different Strengths assessments, and supporting documentation
  • Organizing strengths information into categories


  • Take the Strengths Assessment
  • 6 Page PDF Journal: Strengths Assessment Reflection
  • Fill out the Google Form to update me on your progress

How I’ll support you:

  • A Personalized 60 minute integration coaching session, where we’ll uncover your learning, meaning making, and create your forward direction

  • Curriculum supported by research based information connected to Positive Psychology, Appreciative inquiry, Strengths Psychology, Developmental Coaching, and insights gained over my time supporting people to find their true selves.

  • 20% off Additional add on private sessions available between each module to work more deeply on the specific module.

Take action and complete the course within 30 days, and I’ll throw in a Bonus PDF collaborative roadmap and planner to detail the next steps for your plan of action.

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