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<H1> How I got here

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Being in the same career for 17 years, and then starting my own business, I really didn’t need to have an updated resume.

When my coaching clients started to experience job transitions or were seeking more purpose in their careers, I soon realized how impactful a well-written resume could be. Not just for their job search- but for their sense of self confidence.

And how far they have come from the years when I was an early job seeker! (Gen X and Xennials Unite!)

I pursued training as a Professional Resume Writer, learning how to optimize resumes with relevant keywords, and how to showcase job seekers for their strengths. Finally, I became a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

Nothing is as satisfying as seeing the look of pride when my clients see their accomplishments and strengths, presentable and ready to wow their future employer!

What Past Clients Say:

I have always struggled with my identity being my career. Who am I without my career? What does my resume say about me besides where I've worked? My resume used to be black-and-white, with a basic list of my experience, education, and community involvement. Tina helped me draw out the total amount of money I've raised in my community (it's more than half a million dollars! Wow!), projects I've done that would be transferrable to future careers, and the skills I have developed based on past experience. She made me feel proud about what I've contributed to the world. Tina helped me think of questions to ask during interviews and decide what is negotiable and non-negotiable in a future position. She asked me about my favorite color before creating my resume, and incorporated it into the resume. Not only was I thrilled with the final product, I also realized there's more to me than where I work. I'm more excited for my future, thanks to Tina. - K. Resume Client, Non Profit Arts Executive

Current Resume Writing Offer:

<H1>How it Works:

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Stage 1: Enroll

  1. Fill out the Contact Form Below
  2. Schedule a date for our Resume Update Session
  3. Prepay $350
  4. Upload Current Resume & Answer Google Form Questions
  5. Reflect on your answers before your Resume Update Call

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Stage 2: Session

  1. Answer questions and help me get to know you for your strengths, goals, values, and intentions.
  2. Complete your scheduled Resume Information Gathering Call
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Stage 3: Enjoy your Resume!

In 3-6 Business Days, I should be finished, depending on difficulty. I will send you:

  • I -2 pg PDF Resume, and Editable Doc
  • A video walkthrough so you can keep your resume updated
  • A Cover Letter template to reach out to hiring managers and recruiters (essential)

Then it’s your moment to send out your resume!

Ready to start?

Book your Resume Update in the form below:

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Coach Tina offers Résumé Writing, LinkedIn Profile Writing, Career Coaching, and Life/Mindset Coaching, all through the lens of strengthening self-belief and courage. Serving Career Coaching Clients in Ohio and the U.S. and Europe remotely.

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