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How I got here

It took me some time to appreciate LinkedIn. In fact, I really didn't like it at first. It seemed clunky, hard to use, and just so grey and boring. Why were there no cat videos? So my profile sat for awhile, neglected and sad.

This was before I truly understood its purpose, capabilities, and advantages over social media.

I pursued training in LinkedIn Profile Optimization through the CDCS Certification, and I learned how the platform can be used to make impactful, HUMAN connections and showcase your strengths, capabilities, and values- or your "brand" as they say.

Here are some stats on LinkedIn, if you're looking to learn a bit more:

Why LinkedIn for Individuals?

Report Chart Pointed Line Progress Office Business   Organic Drawn
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122 Million

People Invited to an interview with

35 Million Hired

101 resumes

Submitted every minute, with

8 people hired every minute

87% of Recruiters

use LinkedIn everyday

Why LinkedIn for Small Business?

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227% more effective lead generation

Thank Facebook and Twitter/X

More leads

99% of Businessess

are small businesses

More referral partners

72% of B2B Marketers

advertise on LinkedIn

Staying Human

I am happy to say, LinkedIn has added a lot of value to my business, and that of my clients. The amount of Human to Human connection is truly the standout feature of LinkedIn, and I'm glad to facilitate it where I can (Stay Human, People!).

If you would like a LinkedIn makeover, update, or creation, below is my LinkedIn Profile Package. Typically, I like to do this in tandem with a resume rewrite, but I have had more clients request a LinkedIn Stand alone offer, which you will see below.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization Package, $125


  • 1 45-minute LinkedIn strategy session
  • Headline and Keyword Optimization
  • LinkedIn Career Branded Banner
  • LinkedIn Profile Copy
  • 3 suggested relevant Contacts/Groups
  • Instructions for future edits and maintenance

Optional add-on: LinkedIn Training Session $100

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I love your cheery, fresh energy. Having been paralyzed to get my LinkedIn profile done I felt well guided through your questions. Miraculously you turned my answers into the professional presentation of my work I could have never have done myself. Your suggestions of visuals got my creative side going and together we came up with the best ones. At the end I was left wondering how my business would have grown differently if I’d have done this years ago. This was so easy and fun!🙏."

Review from Anka, Meditation Teacher and Mindset Coach

How it Works:

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Stage 1: Enroll

  1. Fill out the Contact Form Below
  2. Schedule a date for our LinkedIn Creation Session
  3. Prepay $125 on Paypal
  4. Upload your most current resume if possible
  5. Reflect on your answers to the emailed questions before your LinkedIn Creation Call

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Stage 2: Session

  1. Answer questions and help me get to know you for your strengths, goals, values, and intentions.
  2. Complete your scheduled LinkedIn Creation Call
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Stage 3: Enjoy your Linkedin!

Once it is finished, I will send you:

  • A video walkthrough and instructional guide so you can keep your profile updated
  • Five Suggested Connections or Groups that I researched, based on your goals
  • Optional Add-on $100 LinkedIn training for job seekers or small businesses.

Then it’s your moment to get connected and Love your LinkedIn!

Ready to start?

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