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Life and Career Coaching

for kind and thoughtful achievers.

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Coach Tina, Director and Head Coach of Move with Courage Life and Career Coaching

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Gain the courage to:

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KNOW yourself.

OWN yourself.

DREAM yourself.

LEAD yourself.

The world needs your care, your ideas, and your creations.

Lead yourself with courage to the life that’s true to your heart.

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Who are kind hearted achievers?

Kind-hearted thinkers and achievers like you often over give, overthink, and over work in their careers and at home. Over time, your adult roles and expectations stretch you far outside of who you really are.

You get to adulthood and forget what makes you strong, what brings you energy, what sets you apart, how to choose yourself, and how to stand strong and solid in your true self.

Now is the time- find the courage to lead your true self!

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Areas I can support you:

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Know Yourself: Uncover your unique strengths and fire to chart a new course with fresh perspectives.

Own Yourself: Claim your achievements and strengths, rewrite limiting beliefs, and confidently step forward.

Dream Yourself: Open your mind to new possibilities and updated life and career goals that reflect your true potential.

Lead Yourself: Cultivate effective habits, direct your efforts, and command your personal presence to lead with courage and inspire others.

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Connected, Safe, and Transformational Discussions

Together we look at the bigger picture of life, transition, our roles, our expectations, and the deep and customized life experiences and challenges that come to you. I pledge to show you compassion and understanding, and gently challenge you when you are ready to leave your old beliefs behind.


Welcome, I’m glad you’re here!

I’m Tina and I coach kind-hearted, deep-thinking achievers to lead themselves and others with courage.

These are my people- the ones that often go overlooked, but who are typically the heart and soul of families, companies, and communities. The ones that have a brilliant solution or idea that their circle desperately needs to hear. The ones that when they realize their strengths, inspire so many, and stay strong in our hearts years after.

And this is what our world needs more of-

Strong, Kind, and Intelligent thinkers and leaders.

Just because your leadership doesn’t fit in the box, doesn’t mean it isn’t impactful and incredibly valuable.

Maybe the box doesn't work all that well.

Maybe it’s time for you to lead yourself and others?

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3 ways life and career coaches change lives:

  1. Holding unbiased, unconditional belief in your strengths and abilities.
  2. Guides you with compassion back to your positive core.
  3. Using wisdom and psychological safety to help you confront unhelpful beliefs holding you back.


<H1> Ways to work with me:

A stack of 3 Books at the beach with sunglasses on top.  Books read :  Healthy Beliefs, Courage and Advocacy for Kind People, and Lead Yourself.

Healthy Beliefs

Courage and Advocacy

for kind people

Lead Yourself

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<H1> What clients have said about

Move with Courage Life and Career Coaching:

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Connect to me:

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